I feel like sleeping at this very moment but I’m gonna update this everyday. There’s actually quite a large amount of topics I can talk about through the use of this, although I’m not using it for its original purpose. I should do more for the website…


Funny story, I actually forgot about this. Forget about the titles always being day whatever, I don’t even actively remember the existence of this page. I really need to do more…

Day…no more

Nearly forgot to write one of these(lol). Well, I’m going to start doing away with the boring titles from now on, they’re really dull. This site hasn’t really grown as well, blame my procrastination. Anyway, I’m sad my games are under maintenance, but this doesn’t regard you guys anyway. I’ll keep on crying by myself.

Day 6, I should really spice up the titles

It seems that nothing much has been done to the page and that’s true, nothing has been done. I really should start getting work done to this page, which I will soon so don’t worry. Anyway, new doujin as always so check it out!

DAY 5!!

It’s gonna be an Arisu week. All doujins I’m writing will have Arisu as an included character. Also, I’m about to graduate from school tomorrow so expect more coming soon. Peace!!

Day 4, it’s getting annoying

Day 4, a new day, a new post. Nothing interesting really happened today. Of course, I wrote a new doujin but nothing much happened. However, someone one floor above me is having renovations and my ears are bleeding. Lets hope it stops soon so I can concentrate.

Day 3

Will I say that I’ve been short of ideas for Doujins? Maybe. Therefore, please help me out by sending in some requests. It’s day 3 of this page opening and nothing much had been done since the first day. I really should start working on this…

Day 2/many

It’s day two of this page being up. No progress has been made and I should stop being lazy. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done to actually make this page simple and easy to use. At least you guys can read random things like these that I will post. If it doesn’t end up being my Doujin page, expect it to just be a daily blog page. Have a good day guys!

Quick link


Quickly putting it out here, here is the current page where all my works are uploaded. Make sure to check this out for now!


I’m just starting out so feel free to ignore everything that happens here. Doujins will still be released hopefully daily. Sit back and relax and wait for this to be complete. 😀